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MAY 2022


Electronic Keyboard


Actually, they don’t call them that anymore – now this type of instrument is referred to as a “Digital and Arranger Workstation.


But when I (Larry) purchased my Yamaha PSR 640 back in 2001, it was called just an electronic keyboard, or the fancy name in the user’s manual - a “Portatone.”


It is basically an electric piano, with thousands of additional functions and features, including hundreds of various musical instrument sounds, percussion, and extra sounds, tons of presets, the option to edit your own sequences, recording capabilities, and direct connection to a computer. The manual is a 154-page book – just the English part!


I bought it shortly after divorcing my ex-wife, and it was a very significant part of the beginning of my new life. It provided me with many hours of relaxation and concentration on music – well before I got into performing professionally.


I had never heard of these instruments before going once to milluim sometime in the mid-1990s. I was stationed near the reactor in Dimona, and my commanding officer brought one of these to the base. I was on that instrument more than I was on duty! He was enjoying hearing what I was able to get out of his machine, and I was having a BALL with it. And even though we had an antique baby-grand piano in the house, I wanted one of these instruments!

So, I went to the Klei Zemer store in Rishon L’Tzion and bought myself one. I eventually left that simpler one for my daughters when I got divorced, and bought the more advanced PSR 640 that Mindy and I have today.


At first, I just enjoyed playing it. But then, I started making all kinds of recordings, taking immense pleasure in the process. At one point, I tried something interesting – I turned on the recording function, and then just started improvising. Many times, I would be sort of meditating while playing, and I realized that the music I saved (usually with no editing at all) was great for meditation. I put a bunch of the recordings together, made a CD out of it, and called it “One Shot Meditation Music.” If you are interested in hearing this music, I have placed it on a website where it can be downloaded for free. You can find it here.


And this is how Mindy and I created the music on our two original music CDs. If you look at the bottom of our newsletter, you will see those two CDs, which we give as gifts to all the subscribers to our mailing list.


And we have also performed on stage with this keyboard a few times, specifically for our tribute shows to Elton John.

Since it is over 20 years old, technology has naturally advanced quite a bit since this one was made, but it has great sound and still plays fine. Maybe someday we’ll upgrade to a newer model, but not yet - I still love this one.

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