In our monthly newsletter you will find:


©    Our Show schedule (up-to-date for the time of sending - during the month we often add shows to the schedule - up-to-date schedule is always posted on our website)


©    Discounts for some of our public shows (as often as we are permitted to by the different venue owners)


©    Priority and discounts for private event performances


©    Pictures, videos, songs – and featured stories from behind the scenes, which may include:


o   Our travels

o   Heritage site visits (which we like to do as often as we can)

o   Recipes from our healthy kitchen

o   Holiday fun

o Occasional prize-winning competitions! (We even gave a free private performance for first prize in a competition once - and it may happen again! See below.)

o   FUN MUSICAL QUIZZES (Not all the time, but often.)

o   Special messages from us

o   And more





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