Thank you!

You both were delightful! Totally got the vibe of my friends. You sing beautifully and you got us all, even the sworn non-dancers, on our feet.

I had a marvelous time. We all did!

Enjoyed every moment

Love, Anna




I just wanted to say again how happy and thrilled I was with you and Larry.

You were a major part in making the evening so successful.  I have had wonderful glowing thank you’s from my friends and how much they enjoyed the music.

Wishing the two of you a successful and healthy New Year.





Good morning,

Wanted to thank you for the wonderful evening on Tirat Tzvi last week. Left me on a high for days.

Thanks again.





Mike had a great time. Again thank you. Neighbors who weren't invited thanked me for a nice musical evening as well.  Many would have loved for more...
Thank you again





Larry and Mindy,


Recently, 2 weeks ago, my husband and I were on a tour in Israel that stopped for a night at a hotel that was formerly a kibbutz.  I truly don’t remember the name or even where it was located .  You both performed that evening and we just happened to catch your show as we were in the lobby having gotten some coffee at the bar.  Just wanted to tell you that we LOVED your show.  It was truly one of the highlights of our trip.  We did have a great time during our tour of Israel; it was the first time we were there and it is an amazing country.  We are of the age group that would respond to your music and we had the best time that night.  It was even better because it was so unexpected.  We loved all your music and asking for requests from the audience was terrific.


I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that you guys are wonderful and should have lots of engagements in the future.  Thanks so much for adding to our enjoyment of the trip.


Warm regards,

Maxine and Alan

Lake Worth, FL





Dear Mindy and Larry,

Thank you very much for the extraordinary virtual concert. The outstanding production value perfectly complemented the personal introduction and the expertly curated songs. Your talent and generosity exceeded my wildest expectation.

Your artistry amazed the residents; they appreciated the amusing anecdotes interwoven between songs. After the performance, we received countless compliments commending your performance. The attached picture does not adequately express the profound joy and enrichment you brought to our senior population.

Again, thank you for your exceptional efforts. Our community is very fortunate to have your friendship. When you both are in New York and the pandemic has subsided, I sincerely hope you will consider visiting and performing at the residences. It truly would be an honor to meet you in-person. Until then, gay gezunt.

Respectfully yours,

(Retirement Facility in New York)

(See the picture mentioned here...)


Added later:


Dear Mindy and Larry,

Your performance truly left an impression on the community. I am pleased to share a piece of poetry written by one of our residents who was inspired after attending your virtual concert. Zei Gezunt!


Music was played by Larry and Mindy,
Broadcast from Israel, where it was a little windy.
Scenery of Israel was shown in our screen;
Beautiful, colorful, historically displayed by every scene.
Songs that the duo sang were from our time.
We knew all the words, which made our blood pressures climb.
Many of the songs performed were once best sellers here many years ago.
But the Israeli songs left everyone’s faces with a great, big glow.
All the lovely songs were sung in great style.
Every attendee left their seat with a super smile.
Let’s invite the couple again for an encore sometime soon,
And we will all take this music high up to the moon!






Just to let you know we had an amazing time last night at your performance on Kibbutz Shluchot. Every song brought back such great memories from way-back-when. You could feel the great energy and joy spread throughout the audience – it seemed like everyone knew all the words to all the songs! Thank you so much! Will definitely recommend to all our friends and who knows? Maybe we will have a chance to enjoy another one of your performances – all the themes seem very promising. Continued success in the future!

Annette (Kibbutz Shluhot)




Larry and Mindy,
Didn't quite rub shoulders but wanted you to know I thought your show was outstanding, and I guess the full house spoke that to you loud and clear.  You guys put a lot of effort, thought and love into that project and your song choices were cleverly arranged.  Both of your musicianships shined and I was especially impressed that sitting towards the back I could hear and understand every vowel and consonant emanating from Mindy's comfortable and lively interpretations of the songs.
I'm not on Facebook and sort of a web hermit, and probably a lot of people mentioned it, but I just wanted to say it personally.
Happy Hanukkah and keep doing what you do so well.
Judi (at Jacob’s Ladder Festival) 




Last night's performance in Rehovot was amazing. We thoroughly enjoyed. My favorite pastime is listening to old hits and the songs you sang just got to my heart. Am looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Have a great weekend. ???☀️?⭐?

(‎‎Yvette Lewis Jankelowitz‎ ‎ – Posted on Facebook)





Loved tonight's performance at ESRA, Rehovot. Not a huge crowd, but performance was warm, friendly, down-to-earth, humorous, and all in good taste. Our friends are already talking about making a date to go to Cafe Yaffo to see them again! Kol Hakavod to a marvelous duo!  

(Arlene Baryosef – Posted on Facebook)





Dear Larry and Mindy

On behalf of Jackie, myself and all our volunteers in ESRA Modiin, we would like to thank you both so much for the awesome performance you gave us last Thursday night. We received so many wonderful compliments and nary one complaint!

Without a doubt, your delightful renditions interspersed with your easy banter were the highlight and contributed directly to a fabulous evening, thoroughly enjoyed by all.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to you for your gracious initiative to donate a portion of your CD sales proceeds to ESRA Modiin. This too struck an appreciative chord and raised the tone of the shared experience even more.

We look forward to further joint endeavors in the future, and meanwhile wish you both continued success and reward.


Cynthia Barmor
Co-Chair, ESRA Modiin




Saw Larry and Mindy at the Moadon Gil HaZahav this morning.

I have been listening to them for years sing all kinds of programs, to singles groups, James Taylor and Carole King, Simon and Garfunkel, British Invasion, Don McLean, Music Trivia contests, the Carpenters, even Larry and Mindy originals. Lord knows I am sure that I am missing something since they do it all.

This morning seeing the senior citizens react with such pleasure to their show makes it my favorite L & M show to date. After the concert they were surrounded by octogenarian groupies who were saying things like "for 90 minutes I forgot all of my problems" and "you two work better for my aches then all of the painkillers that I take."

It made me proud to call them my friends.

(Larry Rosenfeld, Organizer of the Karmiel Folk Club – Posted on Facebook)




To Larry and Mindy,


We wanted to thank you once again for your incomparable contribution to the success of our anniversary celebration. The music was well chosen and your personalization of the presentation was a really nice added touch!  All our friends and family came away full of praise for you both---and smiling!  And what could be better than that!


May you go from strength to strength...


In friendship,

Sue and Bob Buckwald




Dear Larry and Mindy,

Thank you so much for last night’s performance!

As I am sure you could tell for yourselves, you created a wonderful rapport with your audience and I have been getting positive and enthusiastic feedback all day….!

Could we possibly set up another date in January or February?  Do let me know if you can make it then or if not – some later date.

Thanks again – we sincerely appreciate the effort involved in your coming all the way to Jerusalem!

With warmest regards,





Dear Larry and Mindy, 

Just wanted to thank you again for last night.  A friend who was there told me that when I announced for everyone to line up the chairs in rows for a musical performance, there was some reticence and "oh, brother"-ing. But, that quickly faded after you began to sing together.  Everyone enjoyed the songs you chose and the stories in-between and your musical talent (we've been getting calls all day).  I wanted to thank you especially for including the Carpenters songs -- I think it was a welcome addition to the other great 60s and 70s artists.

So, as I said to you, your performance made the party really special, as I was so sure it would!  Hope we will meet up again sometime soon.



Dinah and Mannie Olswang




Dear Larry and Mindy,

Thank you for providing such wonderful music at the zoo on July 2nd.  It added so much to the AACI event and really was enjoyable for all; you guys are terrific!  Please click on the link below for a great picture of you and article in Haaretz about the event.

Thanks again.  Hope to hear you again soon.


Elayna Weisel

AACI Jerusalem Program Manager




Thank you both for a wonderful evening in Rinah's garden yesterday.

We brought our 19-year-old grandson who loves our type of music & he really enjoyed it. Come back to our area soon.
Shabbat shalom.

Jeanette & Harold 




We wanted to thank you both so much for being part of our Global Managers Meeting last week.

Your performance was outstanding and our guests from all over the globe totally absolutely enjoyed your music and we're sure that you could both see and feel during the event!

It took a while for us to hook up with you, and apparently - it was well worth the wait.

We're now looking forward to additional events in the future...

Wishing you the very best,

Annie and Yafit

And of course the worldwide Vargus Executives




Thanks for the performance you gave last night. It was wonderful! You brought music back into my life and I will follow you whenever I can. I did not know how much watching and listening to live music meant to me.

Thank you.


Adrian Edmonds





I fell in love! You lifted my spirit and made me float all weekend.

I sing with the Nahariyanim and sat in the 2nd row and sang all evening along with you.

Must tell you, you are very lucky to have found each other - this is so great to sing together. Everyone around me loved your show, the music, the stories and your beautiful voices made it a spectacular evening.

I also heard your CD with your original music - it is very nice and I am sure that in no time I will know the lyrics and sing it myself with the disc.

I hope to see you again and I wish you great luck in your life journeys.

Thank you for a great evening.





Hi Larry and Mindy,

I saw that Eli already wrote you a note about last night’s show, but I also wanted to convey my gratitude on the amazing show you guys gave.

I have been getting comments from friends all day how much they enjoyed your show- some friends are listening to James Taylor all day after your performance last night put them in the mood.

And of course, everyone is getting in on the Beatles- Queen controversy…

As for me, this was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday. I didn’t have to be in the limelight too much and got to listen to my favorite music sung by two great performers.

You were both fantastic  and so professional - thank you so much for making it a great birthday.

Karen (and Eli) J




Thank you both for a wonderful evening in Rinah's garden! The show was great...we loved it! And Mindy, your rendition of "Cats in the Cradle" was outstandingly beautiful!!! (you too, Larry!) :-) Looking forward to the next time!
Rona London




What a blend! You are a marvelous duo...simply the best!
It is time for another Jerusalem show!! How about in Feb? 


All the best...





Hi, Larry and Mindy.

I thought your act was the most interesting act last night at Woodstock.

You were both charming.


And you can quote me on that!



Nettie Feldman, host
Afternoon Schmooze Online Radio Show




"So I put the CD into the car player and WOW GADOL!

I got to work in such a glow that everything just rolled-off me.

I was completely devastated with love & joy on first listen.

I can't wait to drive home and hear it again.

You guys are just amazing. Two hearts with one beat indeed."


Harold Jacobs




Dear Larry and Mindy,
Your show last night was fabulous!  We know the entire audience agreed with our enthusiasm, which made every aspect of the show pure delight.
Thank you!
Bernie and Ellen




Hi Larry and Mindy,

People keep telling me how great was you performance.

And it was great!!


Shana Tova

Har Halutz




Hi Larry & Mindy,

We wanted to thank you both so much for a lovely evening.  We all enjoyed your show so much; the phone just ran off the hook.

Again, thanks for being so great!  You topped off the evening perfectly.

Best regards,

Diane & Shali




Dear Larry and Mindy,


All weekend people have been saying how much they enjoyed your performance!  You have to understand that the kibbutz crowd is really tough.  First of all, they criticize... and I haven't heard one negative word.  Secondly, they never join in with the performers - and you had the crowd, only a few of whom were native English speakers, singing along with you.  And third, they were begging you to continue singing!  All factors unheard of in my long kibbutz experience and exclusively due to your wonderful performance and your ability to connect with your audience.


So thank you both once again for a marvelous evening!  Mindy's rendition of "Strumming Me Softly" was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. I really appreciated the fact that you created a program to fit the theme of the evening.  Feel free to use me as a reference.


Best of luck to you both and I hope to "hear" from you again and again.


Kibbutz Hatzor




Dear Mindy and Larry

Your show was a wonderful surprise for Varda, and lots of our guests have told us how much they enjoyed it.
So thanks for the idea, and also the professionalism with which you prepared it. Knowing that I didn't need to worry about the entertainment helped me stay calm over the last few weeks!





Dear Mindy & Larry


Thank you so much for giving us an extra special ‘Heatbeats’ performance last night at Bet Oren. Our guests loved it (see extracts below) and several have asked ‘where did you find these singers?’


It’s been a pleasure to work with you and we look forward to attending and enjoying many future performances around the country – we’ll keep a close eye on your website!


All the best

Lee & Stan


"We had such a nice table, the atmosphere was great and we loved the “singers and songs”.



"The location was beautiful, the atmosphere great, the food delicious, service was good, and the entertainment marvellous. In other words ………….it was a perfect wedding party."



 "We have been to hundreds of affairs in Israel, but we must say that this was the most beautifully and elegantly organized. The blessing service was very touching and original. The venue was delightful, the food was superb, and the musical entertainment hit the jackpot!! For a welcome change--no raucous loud music--what a relief, and a great repertoire which everyone enjoyed!"




(More letters, in Hebrew, here.)



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