Boost Your Immune System!

Larry and Mindy לארי ומינדי

When a virus is present for all, why do some people tend to come down with an illness? Why are certain people always the first person to catch a bug? After all is said and done, it is our simple daily lifestyle habits that can either build or damage our immune system.


While scientists work to find effective treatments and vaccines for COVID-19, the best defense (beyond social distancing, hand washing, not touching your face, etc.) is simply having a healthy, high-vitality body-mind. A strong immune system is the product of a healthy body-mind — which in turn is the product of daily healthy practices and perspectives. Science has shown that our immune systems respond measurably to each meal we eat, each momentary stress we encounter, each good night's sleep we get or don't get. 


Even healthy people can get sick — but they tend to get less sick and bounce back faster. So what have you got to lose? Here are some healthy lifestyle habits that can help boost our immune system and provide a better sense of well-being. They work for us. We hope that you will find benefit in them as well:


1.        Drink plenty of water – aim for 2 liters per day. Herbal tea is also a good option.

2.        Concentrate on eating lots of fresh seasonal nutrient-dense vegetables. Aim for eating all the colors of the rainbow! (Most of our immune system resides in the digestive system. This means that what we eat has a direct impact on how quickly and effectively our bodies are able to fight off an infection.)

3.        A great deal of research has shown that certain foods boost immunity and fight inflammation. Up your intake of these anti-inflammatory foods: garlic, ginger, hot peppers, cayenne, turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper, dark leafy greens, walnuts, and mushrooms.

4.        Stay clear of sugars, processed and refined foods, junk foods, and chemical-laden soft drinks. Don’t even keep them in the house, that way when you are hankering for a snack, you reach for something healthy instead like nuts, seeds, carrot sticks, celery stalks, cucumber slices, homemade grain-free cookies or crackers, or raw organic dark chocolate bars - at least 85% cacao.

5.        Stay active. Move your body every day. There are lots of fun exercise apps that are offering free subscriptions in these challenging times that we can do in the comfort and privacy of our homes. Or just scrub, scrub, scrub your house for Passover! ?

6.        Get 8 to 9 hours sleep every night.

7.        Try to get 20 minutes of sunlight every day. You don’t necessarily have to leave the house to do this. Find a sunny window in your home, get a chair and a book, and enjoy.

8.        Limit your intake of the news. It’s good to know what’s going on once or twice a day, but more than that can drive you bonkers and raise your stress levels, which is detrimental to your immune system.

9.        Laugh! Laughing increases oxygen levels in your body. When you laugh, you take in vast amounts of oxygen in huge gulps. And higher oxygen levels aren’t the only benefit you’ll feel. Laughing massages the organs and improves digestion. Laughter moves lymph fluids in your body by the contractions of laughing, which boosts your immune system function and helps clear out old, waste products from your cells. 

10.    Listen to music that makes you feel positive and happy. We know how to help with that! ?


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