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Ever since the Corona Pandemic broke out, we have also been doing these types of shows...


Picture this:

You’re sitting in your living room (or lying on your bed) watching television, and a full performance of live music is taking place JUST FOR YOU, customized to your tastes!



We’d be delighted to do a private, live-streamed performances, just for you.



You can:

·       Send the live performance link to friends or family so you can all watch at the same time.

·       Have a surprise live-streamed performance as a birthday or anniversary gift for your loved one or friend.

·       Make a family member in a retirement home feel happy and special.

·       Do something nice for your employees to keep up morale.

·       Request specific songs or artists (from our ever-growing repertoire of about 900 songs!).

·       Schedule the exact time to start and/or finish, so we can fit the show into YOUR planned agenda.

·       Request for us to tell amusing anecdotes between the songs – or not, just live music.


If this is something that appeals to you, please contact us so we can design a live-streamed, private performance for you!


Musically yours ?,

Larry & Mindy


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