This coming weekend (December 6-7, 2019) the Jacob’s Ladder Winter Festival will be taking place again, now in its 43rd year! You might want to consider joining us.


We have been attending this lovely festival together since we first met back in 2006, performing at almost every one of them.


In the winter festival, we have a traditional slot - a lyrics-projected 60s & 70s Sing Along, and it's loads of fun! Check out the two clips below.


But just last month, we got some terribly sad news. This is the post that we heard about it from:


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To All the Lovely People who have been coming to Jacob’s Ladder Spring Festival throughout the years,


We have sad news.?


After examining the situation in every direction possible, we have come to a heartbreaking decision that we want to share with you.


Because of the huge expenses that continue to rise each year, the overwhelming bureaucracy and all the risks involved, (Security / Safety / Climate change / Competing events / Issues with Police and service providers to name a few…) we will no longer be able to hold Jacob’s Ladder Spring Festival.


We thank you all for being part of our life’s work and passion and for continuing to participate even though we have had to keep on raising the ticket prices.


On December 6-7th we will be holding the last Jacob’s Winter Festival at Nof Ginosar Hotel and we have the most AMAZING program. See


If the festival is a success (we sell enough tickets) we will continue the Winter Festival the following year at the Pastoral Hotel at Kfar Blum January 8-9, 2021. The Pastoral is a beautiful hotel surrounded by green countryside in the Upper Galilee. They have wonderful halls and stages and a huge welcoming lobby and other great advantages.??


If you ordered rooms at Nof Ginosar for the June 2020 festival, please call to cancel. We would love it if at the same time you would order a room and join us for the last Winter Festival at Nof Ginosar. There are only 50 rooms left, so decide quickly. Telephone for orders 04.6700320


If you want to join us at the Winter Festival and you are looking for different accommodation, please call us and we will try to help you. 04.6850403. It is also possible to buy a day ticket.


Camping is allowed in the Winter in the wooded area, 80 NIS per tent, to be paid to the Hotel Reception. If you are two or more people in a tent this is an economical way of staying overnight. (It is also warmer. ☺️)


Festival Tickets (limited number available)


Please share this information with your friends and in your groups,


Looking forward to seeing you in December ?



* * * * * * * *


So yes, the winter festival is taking place – and as far as we understand, next year’s winter festival will also be happening. In any case, it would be great if you could join us this weekend. Check it out:


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