One of our customers recently inspired a fantastic wintertime idea. She said, “We really want to see one of your shows, but we don’t so much feel like going out in the evening in the cold and rain. And we also don’t feel like having friends over and entertaining them. We just want to curl up with a blanket in our pajamas.”

And flash! "Larry & Mindy Beat the Winter Blues Live Streamed Home Shows" was born! We create a show personalized for you based on the 60’s and 70’s artists that you choose.  But instead of coming to your home and doing the show, we live stream the show to you by WhatsApp or Skype. All you need is an Internet connection and a large computer screen, or smart tv. We stay in our house and you stay in yours. And best of all - you see us, but we don’t have to see you! So you can make yourself some hot drinks and snacks and watch a personalized LIVE Larry & Mindy show from the privacy of your living room or your bedroom – pj’s optional ?.

Want more info? Give us a call or send us a WhatsApp or an email.

Oh, and don’t worry – WE WILL dress up for you ?.

Beat the Winter Blues Live Streamed Home Shows - with Larry & Mindy

In this clip we're really in someone's living room ... it's just for illustration purposes (and for fun!)

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