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We apologize for the technical issue we had – found the problem and it won’t happen again. So please join us for our next

Free Performance for the
Karmiel English Speakers Group

(Karmiel Folk Klub invited to join us too)



May 12th


Click the video link:


Actually, we’re not going to be in front of the camera before 7pm, so if you have a few minutes, you can scroll down, see a bit of where we work – at home!
(like everyone else, nowadays.)

And then click the link below.
(For your convenience, the link appears again at the bottom of the page.)


Here is our music room/office (the room we affectionately call “Heaven,” and sing about in our original song “I Like Heaven to Be Perfect”), the view from the large windows, the albums framed and hung on the walls, and some of our musical instruments:

The same window, but from the outside

This is Larry's first guitar, the one he learned to play on. The picture below is the picture that is glued to the guitar - Larry at age 14.

This mandolin has been in the family for 86 years! It was Larry's father's, when he was 6 years old!

And here is Mindy playing her piano, aged around 15.

And we probably won’t get a chance to introduce you to our pets, since they are both so bashful (yeah, right!!!) – so here are Ski and K.C. (K.C. is short for Kitty Cat):

If you haven’t seen our “Corona Quarantine Song,” here’s another opportunity:

That's us being interviewed by Menachem, some time ago, for his wonderful radio program.

Here's the clip where we sang the song with James Durst.

This is definitely a free show. We are not at all expecting anything, but if you feel like you REALLY WANT to contribute something, you may have a look here…

Here's the link to join the show, again:

Contact Us
054-6446396 / 050-5921628