So at some point you have probably heard us mention the Jacob’s Ladder Festival, which is coming up on the 16th of this month. If you haven’t yet been, here’s a little inspiration for you to join us there.

If it’s your first time coming to the Jacob’s Ladder Festival, which takes place at the Nof Ginosar Hotel on the Sea of Galilee, you will find a British/American folk Festival, just like in the movies, and it is quite possible that you will feel the need to double-check that you are still in Israel!

Firstly, you will hear a lot of English around you. Children will be running around laughing in English. Their parents, and in many cases grandparents, will run after them and call them - in English. Singers will sing in English on the different stages and at jam sessions in the hotel lobby. American and British accents will be heard at the dance workshops, in the treatment tents, and among the arts and crafts stalls.

On one of the beautiful lawns, you will be surprised to see a sight that is not seen every day in Israel - hundreds of people holding hands and dancing square, line and circle dances, all in the American style.

Imagine a huge stage featuring fine artists from Israel and abroad performing different types of music, mostly in English, in front of an audience of thousands of people. In front of the stage, there are mats on the grass, and the audience members are sitting on them and politely making sure not to block the view of those who are sitting behind them. For the same reason, anyone who wants to dance, dances on the side. Anyone who wants to sit on a higher chair, sits in the back or along the sides. Consideration is the name of the game.

Imagine a huge complex with a wide variety of activities - three stages, a treatment tent, body and soul workshops, dance workshops, a swimming pool, and naturally the beautiful Kinneret beach. And of course fun activities especially for children, such as juggling, children's puppet theater, arts and crafts and a carpentry workshop.

Everything is so clean throughout the Festival. Garbage piles like at other festivals? Not here. This is the essence of the Jacob’s Ladder Festival. Love, respect, cleanliness, and consideration for one other.

This is what creates such a unique atmosphere in the Israeli landscape - a magical, relaxed and harmonious ambience.

The Festival is an island of peace and inspiration on the shores of Lake Kinneret, and this is why the audience members return every year, again and again.

This mutual respect is keenly perceived in the relationship between the organizers and the guests, and in the relations between the guests themselves. This, in addition to the fantastic musical selections made by the producers, makes the Festival a special phenomenon. The Jacob’s Ladder Festival is one of the oldest in Israel – now celebrating its 43rd year (!!).

It is not uncommon to see three generations of family among the loyal festival-goers. This is the ultimate family festival – packed with activities for all ages, from the very young to the elderly. The organized camping area, which offers hot showers along with cleaning services, makes your get-away effortless and delightful.


Yehudit and Menachem Vinegrad, the founders and producers of the Jacob’s Ladder Festival, established it to bring quality music to Israel. It began as a small folk club in Kibbutz Machanayim and slowly expanded over the years to the special Festival it has become.

Menahem also presents a radio program on the "Upper Galilee Radio Station" and exposes excellent music to his audience. Both Yehudit and Menachem work day and night throughout the year to ensure every Festival has a rich and diverse musical program of singers, bands, and ensembles from Israel and abroad. The styles include rock-n-roll, folk, country, Irish, blues, and a variety of sounds from around the world.

Throughout the weekend, the Festival provides guests with a rich program of dance workshops and master classes facilitated by artists from Israel and abroad.

One of the Festival's traditions, though not religious, is Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday late afternoon in a moving musical ceremony. The audience members gather together to sing and dance at sunset – old friends and strangers alike.

The musicians among us will always find a niche with a group of fellow musicians who are jamming away on a variety of instruments. Everyone is welcome to join - always.

When you get hot, you can take a dip in the hotel pool or the wonderful Kinneret. When hungry - choose from a variety of food stalls. Shopping lovers will encounter a fine arts and crafts, jewelry, and clothing fair.

The Festival offers a wonderful three-day break, on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, with plentiful and inspiring content.

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