13 Things You May Not Know About Us

1.              We both grew up in Florida – Mindy in Fort Lauderdale and Larry in Miami - but never met there.

2.              We both attended the 1964 World’s Fair in New York at the same time and may have actually laid eyes on each other there for the first time without knowing it. 

3.              We haven’t touched any pharmaceutical medications for the past 12 years – not even aspirin.

4.              Mindy is extremely allergic to avocado, and Larry hates coriander. But Larry loves avocado, and Mindy loves coriander!

5.              We don’t eat meat, grains, dairy, soy, artificial sweeteners, or sugar.

6.              We buy only organic fruits and vegetables. We also grow organic fruits and vegetables in our garden and have never used pesticide in our garden or in our house.

7.              We have a rescue dog who has only three legs. Her name is Ski – but she doesn’t. ?

8.              We were the first Israelis to perform at the prestigious Isle of Wight Festival in the UK.

9.              The word “Fogel” in German means bird, and that’s part of the reason our logo has two love birds on it.

10.        Our favorite Israeli restaurant is the vegetarian dining room in the Mizpe Yamim Organic Farm hotel.

11.        Both Mindy’s mother’s first name and Larry’s mother’s middle name was Lillian.

12.        The first song that we ever performed together was “You’ve Got a Friend.” 

13.        Our wedding celebration was in our own backyard and all our musician friends provided the musical entertainment.

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