Neve Tzedek

One beautiful day in February, we had some errands to run in Tel Aviv, so we took the opportunity to have lunch at our style of restaurant (healthy!), and to walk around a bit in the lovely Neve Tzedek neighborhood.

The place where we ate is called the “Neroli Healthfood Store & Raw Diner” (Their Facebook page). It’s an old store with narrow aisles, interesting products piled nicely on shelves that are stacked up to the ceiling - one of those quaint South Tel Aviv, Mom & Pop kind of stores that are so fun to walk around in. And at the back of the store is a counter for ordering a healthy, raw meal.

We sat to eat outside at their sidewalk tables, and right across the street was an interesting looking building – it appeared to be a very old cinema or theater. And it turns out that we were right! It is the Eden Cinema, and is considered one of the very first cinemas in Tel Aviv, opening on 22nd August 1914 with a screening of the 1913 film “The Last Days of Pompeii”!
The above link leads to a short page that talks about the fascinating history.

And enjoy the below snapshots we took on our stroll of the special atmosphere that Neve Tzedek is made of – the old buildings with tall modern buildings in the background, the unique cars, and decorative walls…


Neroli’s website was down during the writing of this page – but there are more pictures and information on their Instagram page here


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