Tel Dan Nature Reserve


Entering the Tel Dan Nature Reserve is like stepping into an amazing wonderland - with scores of bubbling brooks and tall treetops that keep the ground shaded and cool, even on a hot summer’s day.

The Dan Stream is the largest and most important source of the Jordan River – some 8.5 cubic meters of water flow though the Dan Spring every second almost 365 days a year! That’s a lot of water!

The Tel Dan Reserve covers only about 120 acres, but thanks to its location and unique environmental conditions, the reserve contains a plethora of plants and animals from a variety of worlds – mammals, amphibians, insects, and fish.

There are four trails in the reserve, one of which is also wheelchair accessible, as well as a lovely area at the entrance of the reserve to enjoy your picnic lunch. There is also a wading pool at the end of the trails, which is very welcome in the summer months!


"Along this route, members of the Palmach unit smuggled thousands of immigrants from Syria, Lebanon and Iraq to the Land of Israel
Between borders, in the mountains, without a road"

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