Nimrod Fortress

As is usual for us during the autumn season, we found ourselves with some free days in between holidays to take off and explore our beautiful country. On one such day, we packed a picnic of leftovers from Rosh Hashanah and headed up up up to Nimrod Fortress National Park.

The Park is located on the slopes of Mount Hermon atop a ridge at a height of 815 meters above sea level. And the view from the ridge – spectacular!

Nimrod Fortress is one of the largest and most impressive medieval fortresses in the Middle East. First constructed in the year 1228, the fortress consists of two parts - the lower courtyard with its various buildings, walls, and towers, and the Donjon or The Keep. The Keep is a fortified free-standing structure above the Fortress. If the lower fortifications were overrun, the defenders were able to continue to defend the fortress from this massive and powerful structure.

There were many steps to climb in various parts of the Fortress - most shallow and easy to navigate – but there were some steps that were more of a workout 😊.

After our visit to the Fortress, we continued on to Tel Dan to enjoy our picnic, but we will save that part of the trip for a future newsletter.

By the way, we feel it is well worth buying a “Matmon” subscription to the Israel Nature and Parks Authority. The price of a subscription pays for itself just by visiting a few of the many parks spread out all over the country. It is also a great incentive to get out there and do and see things! We love having our subscription.


The Galilee Panhandle, in all its glory

Proof that Autumn is here! 😀

Amazing view from the highest point in the fortress

That's the Hermon in the background (we think...)

The prison - you can see the holes in the low walls, where the bars were implanted.

We met this cute fellow hiding near one of the windows (Hyrax)

And as we drove away from there, we saw this amazing sight - what was that car doing in there???

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