Nekudat Chen in Ezuz

Our small country has tons of gorgeous B&Bs to enjoy, especially in the Galilee region, but if you really want to have a unique experience, take yourselves to Nekudat Chen in Ezuz, Ramat Negev.


Ezuz is a tiny community settlement, named for Nahal Ezuz, a dry riverbed. It is located to the south of Nitzana and has a population of approximately 80 persons. The closest city is Beersheba, while the second closest city is Arish in Egypt.


The village was established on 19 March 1956 as a Nahal settlement and was initially named Be'erotayim. It was also referred to as Be'erotayim BaNegev to differentiate it from Be'erotayim in the center of Israel. It was founded after the Egyptian army was removed from the demilitarized zone near Nitzana by Israeli forces in an attempt to strengthen defenses next to the Egypt–Israel Border. While soldiers lived in Be'erotayim, they began growing foods including almonds, grain, sheep and cattle. At the end of the Six-Day War the village was abandoned as there was no need for a military presence in Nitzana after Israel had conquered the Sinai Peninsula.


The village was re-established as Ezuz in 1985, based predominantly on tourism. There is a cafe, possibilities of guided camel or jeep tours, and a hiking and biking route. Some residents are full or part-time artists – enter Ella and her husband Eli.


Ella and Eli Chen are a creative couple who always dreamed of hosting, ever since they met on a film set, when Eli was a lighting designer and Ella was an assistant director. When they lived in Modi’in they were "Iko the Magician" and "Ella the Clown.” In 2006 they left Modi’in and came to the village of Ezuz to fulfill their dream.


In the tiny and remote Ezuz, Ella and Eli found meaning in action, creation, community, and hospitality. They fell in love with the peace and quiet of the place, the magnificent nature around them, and the enchanting atmosphere of modern simplicity. Today they are the owners of the resort and glamping boutique Nekudat Chen - accommodation in a work of art.


Over the years, Ella and Eli have built in Ezuz a magical desert resort made entirely by hand with a unique eclectic combination of recycled materials and objects. They did all the work and creation alone, without any help, with a great deal of patience and love that is evident in all the small details. Literally everywhere you look in this incredible resort are collectors’ items of all shapes and sizes put together to form a spectacular work of art.


They have beautiful and comfortable accommodation for couples and families, all meticulously clean – and that’s quite a feat in the heart of the sandy desert!


Check out all the amazing photos below. And when you decide to make the trek down there – be sure to tell Ella that Larry & Mindy sent you – and give her a hug from us! 💗

The more you look at these pictures, the more interesting and delightful objects you will find.

A lamp shade made out of - a washing machine drum!

They call this hanging wind chime - "Kosot Ruach" (literally, wind cups - but it means "Cupping Therapy"!)

Look closelyat the neck of this guitar!

This was our room.

A lampshade made from - a colander and Sipholux cartridges!

A colorful, natural wall light embedded with glass bottles

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