VeganFest Tel Aviv 2023

For the past few years, we have been wanting to attend the Tel Aviv Vegan-Fest, which it seems would fit us perfectly. This year we finally went! While it wasn’t a perfect match for the way we eat, we still had a fun date night. We started by taking the train from Carmiel to Tel Aviv instead of driving, which was a refreshing change in itself. Why the train you ask? Well!

Here’s what happened the night before:

We tried to get to one of our performance venues in the upper Galilee. The ride there usually takes us about 45 minutes, but instead, because of the Druze demonstrations against erecting wind turbines near their farming lands on the Golan, we were stuck on the road for three hours!! We totally get their issue – we just weren’t happy with the disruption it caused so many people, not to mention the danger and environmental damage of burning tires. We ended up arriving and starting our show late, and didn’t even have time to go the bathroom first (!), but the show did go on.

So back to the Vegan-Fest. We got to the festival hungry and spent a long time among the plethora of food stands searching for something we could eat. Although vegan means that there are no animal products involved – an ideology we support – it doesn’t guarantee that the food will not contain refined sugar, gluten, soy, and other ingredients that we prefer to stay away from.

Still, the festival was very enjoyable, and we always have fun anywhere we go together 😊. Oh, and the coconut milk ice cream was yummy!

Here are some pictures.

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