Spring in Our Garden

It's that wonderful time of year again when we bring you the traditional photos from our garden. It is one of the many things we take pleasure from in our home on our Galilean mountaintop. We hope you enjoy this year's selection of flowers and plants from around our yard.

Will you just look at that jasmine vine! Even the nursery owners who were here recently for a visit were totally blown away by it, and the aroma is… well, breathtaking!

The photo below is one of mulberries from our tree. The season for the mulberry fruit is short - only about a month, but this is just a small amount of the TONS we get every season.


And under that is an amazing picture - it's another mulberry tree that started growing spontaneously, ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE HOUSE!

Not enough? Then take a look at last year's post, where you can see more of the garden, and some of the fauna and not just flora - right here.

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