One day in December, it was such a beautiful morning, we just had to go out for a hike. We remembered a place we had been wanting to visit for a long time, so we headed out towards the Carmel Mountain Range.

The Bridges Park, Nesher


Nahal Katia in the Carmel range is indeed a dry riverbed, but it is not a disappointment. The short gorge begins at the top of the Carmel, north of the Talalim Mountain (Haifa University) and flows east into the Nahal Nesher channel. To the south of it is the eyesore of the Nesher Quarry, to the west rises the University Tower and to the north are the neighborhoods of Nesher.


In the past this forgotten gorge was a contractors' waste-dumping spot, and later the engineers of the city of Nesher planned to build residential neighborhoods there. But today, thanks to the Jewish National Fund, there is an urban park in the heart of the forest: hiking trails, a scenic path along which there are seating areas, bird feeders, picnic spots, water fountains, special play facilities for children, and the highlight of it all - the hanging bridges over the gorge.


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