Mackworth Island, near Portland, Maine

Mackworth Island is definitely one of our favorite places in the Portland area. And with the addition of October’s fall colors, it was glorious.

In 1946, Governor Percival Proctor Baxter (the 53rd governor of the State of Maine) donated Mackworth Island to the State of Maine to be used for state public purposes and "as a sanctuary for wild beasts and birds." It is an island of approximately 100 acres, with a 1.25-mile trail that encircles the island. It takes about an hour to complete at a leisurely pace and visitors are treated to stunning views of Casco Bay and Portland. But you can definitely spend some extra time simply enjoying the quiet on any of the benches located along the trail.

The island is heavily wooded. One portion of the woods is dedicated to “Fairy Houses,” which are constructed by visitors using natural materials found on the island. Encouraging loving use is one of the hallmarks of those who care for this important village. The written reminder for all to see reads:

The houses come in all shapes and sizes and are made of a variety of materials. The only rule is that they must be constructed of natural materials. Anything from feathers to seashells, bark to pinecones are fair game. While it's fun to walk around and see what other people have created, the real fun is in making your own.

The island is also home to the Governor Baxter Dog Memorial, a pet cemetery where fourteen of the former governor's Irish Setters and one of his horses were laid to rest, accompanied by two bronze markers and a gravestone, all enclosed by a circular stone wall.

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