The Fabulous Wedding Venue

The kids had their wedding at the Mountain View Grand Resort, which is a historic hotel in Whitefield, New Hampshire, founded in 1865. It includes a farm with chickens, ducks, bunnies, sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas, and Scottish Highland cattle. 

We had some special guests in attendance who came from all corners of the world just to be there– my very best girlfriend since the age of 15 – Arline; my beloved cousins from the Isle of Wight in England – Lorraine & Tim; our best, best friends from Israel who we adore – Jim & Ilana; and Larry’s wonderful brother and sister-in-law – Marc & Davina. 

Mountain View Hotel, White Mountains, NH

Some of the special guests who came to the wedding:
Arline, Mindy's BFF from high school (came from Florida)

Marc, Larry's brother (came with his wife Davina, from Connecticut)

Lorraine and Tim, Mindy's cousins (came from The Isle of Wight, UK)

Jim and Ilana, our best friends from Israel (came from a Kibbutz near us)

(In the back is Arline's partner, also named Larry)

And we hiked in the beautiful nature surrounding the hotel

On the hotel grounds, there is a farm that supplies some of the produce that was on our dining tables

The hotel grounds are expansive and spectacular

Inside. there were lots of things to do, too

After leaving the hotel, we stopped at a diner for a family meal

Leanne took her leave to head back home to Connecticut...

... but Chris led the rest of us on an amazing nature hike

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