Amud Stream Nature Reserve

At the end of the first mid-January cold week, we went for a fun nature hike in the lower part of the famous Amud Stream (named after the huge rock pillar, or Amud in Hebrew), and had a chilly, but lovely, morning walk there.


It’s an easy walk up to the pillar and beyond. There are a bit of smooth river stones along the way, a few places where you cross the stream (and we guess the depth of the water depends on the season – we barely got our shoes wet), and no sharp inclines or danger of falling anywhere along the trail.


We didn’t reach as far as the structures associated with the national water carrier, but we understand that there are some interesting things to see in that part of the trail.


With regard to the rest of the trip – we’ll just let the photos speak for themselves.

Not our photo, but this is one of the views we missed by not continuing up the path:

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