Work-Cation Down South

Last month we were invited to perform at Kibbutz Holit, not far from the southern end of the Gaza strip. So, we made it into a work-cation, and took advantage of the long trip for some additional fun activities ?.


We left on a Friday morning and headed straight for a vegan lunch at a charming and authentic Ethiopian restaurant in Rehovot, called Gojo. If you’ve never had the opportunity to try Ethiopian food, go check it out. And if you have, you’ll love this yummy restaurant.

We got back in the car, and Mindy said she was just going to retrieve something from her toiletry and makeup bag. We quickly realized that her toiletry bag was not in the car at all, but home in the bathroom where we mistakenly left it. Oy. That only happened one other time in our nearly 16 years of travels. You guessed it - our next stop was a Super-Pharm to get some essentials.

Equipped with a new selection of toiletries, we headed south, straight for Holit. Holit is a small kibbutz, and we were graciously invited to stay over in one of the kibbutz rooms (which had a very profound sign on the wall above the doorway – see in the pictures!). We did a show in the evening on the grass, exactly where, we were told, Danny Robass performed one week before us.

The following morning, we left Holit and traveled on the very empty roads of the Gaza area towards Tel Aviv to visit one of our daughters. In addition, we headed to Beit Ha’Ir Museum and Bialik House. Sadly, Bialik House was closed because of some kind of technical problem (we weren’t given details), but we had a lovely visit at the Beit Ha’Ir Museum, which is the Tel Aviv municipality museum. It was the first municipality building of Tel Aviv - including Meir Dizengoff’s office. There was also an exhibition telling the fascinating history of the Yemenite Quarter in Tel Aviv.

(The fruit and vegetables you see in the photo are made from papier-mâché!)

One delightful item was a 16-minute film clip of Tel Aviv from its early days in the 19th century up to 2009 – when the city turned 100 years old. There was a running timeline along the right side of the clip, telling when the footage was shot during those years. Here’s the clip!

Before heading back home, we had a delicious lunch at a very enjoyable Tel-Aviv vegan restaurant called Bana. By the way, if you are out and around and looking for vegan eateries, check out the database on for some great options.

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