Tel Hatzor

Designated as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 2005, Tel Hatzor goes back at least 3000 years. The site is still under excavation, and probably will continue to be for some time. They have found there many ancient structures, among them:

·        Solomon’s gate: A gate with six rooms and two towers, dated to the 10th century BCE.

·        The Canaanite palace, that was used by the kings of Hatzor in the 14th – 13th centuries BCE. It is now sheltered by a roof, protecting the palace ruins from the elements.

·        Israelite fortress and altar, attributed to King Ahab, the seventh king of Israel, 871 – c. 852 BCE.

·        The water system, also attributed to King Ahab. Lots of steps to get to the bottom, that’s for sure! Not yet quite as impressively reconstructed as in Megiddo, but they’re getting there. They are even asking visitors for help – volunteers fill buckets with earth from the bottom and leave them on the staircase so that visitors who feel strong enough can grab a bucket or two and haul them up to the top!

We watched as a team of volunteers were working at the site – see the video below.

We also visited the nearby museum in Ayelet Hashachar, which holds all the fascinating exhibits found at Tel Hatzor, including photographs and maps of the excavations, finds from the temples and graves of Canaanite Hatzor, and more.


It’s probably be best to wait a few years and let them get on with excavations and reconstructions before going to visit. It’s still a “diamond in the rough”, so to speak…


(The English spelling of the site’s name depends on where you read it – it can be found as Hazor, Hatsor… and Hatzor, which in our opinion is what it should be, since that is how it is pronounced!)

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