Day Trip to Gamla

We are truly blessed to have so many nature reserves in our tiny homeland! One that we recently enjoyed was the Gamla Nature Reserve in the center of the Golan. The reserve contains the highest waterfall in Israel at just over 50 meters high, another waterfall that is 21 meters high, amazing cliffs, archaeological sites including the remains of Ancient Gamla, mysterious dolmens, and the largest Griffon vulture nesting colony in the country.


There are four different trails in the park - three of them easy, and one more steep path. We personally didn’t do the steep path to Ancient Gamla, but we could see the structures below us and it looked fascinating!


Seeing as we – and especially Mindy – are huge animal lovers, one of our favorite parts was the trail with the vulture observatory overlooking the Gamla Stream canyon. Tip from us - bring binoculars to see these amazing creatures more closely! On that same trail there are all kinds of beautiful antiquities, including remains of an impressive Byzantine era church and olive press.


Another cool thing at the reserve were the dolmens. Dolmens are 4000-year-old structures made of massive stone slabs. Approximately 700 dolmens have been found around Gamla. It seems that the dolmens were burial edifices for nomadic tribes that roamed the Golan during the Bronze Age.


There are also picnic tables among the many trees and shrubs at the site. So pack up a lunch and go see the vultures and waterfalls!

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