Day Trip to the Golan

So last week, thinking that our doggie, Ski, would also enjoy a change of scenery, we piled into the car with her and headed to “Shvil HaBustanim” (the Orchard Trail) in the southern Golan. The Orchard Trail passes at the top of Metzukei HaOn and in the Susita Reserve. Mitzpe Hashalom, the starting point for the walk near Kibbutz Kfar Haruv, rises to a height of about 500 meters above the Kinneret. The view of the Kinneret and the Galilee mountains from the trail is spectacular, really one of the most impressive observation points in Israel. The trail led us all the way to the adjacent Kibbutz Mevo Hama.

After a beautiful hike, we drove towards home and on the way discovered a lovely little organic farm store in Givat Yoav called, Alimama. They had a wide selection of homegrown organic produce, as well as other organic shelf and refrigerated items. Just for us! We took turns going into the store (with masks of course), with one of us always staying in the car with Ski, who was by this time happily napping in the back seat following her brisk walk.

The vegetables were tasty and very fresh, and the next day we immediately put them to appropriate use with a delicious vegan stir fry. We also bought some organic, gluten free sweet potato “pasta” there and made a delicious “pasta” dish (see recipe here in the newsletter).

All in all, it was a delightful day out, enjoyed by both us and our beloved Ski.


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