Day Trip to Akko

On our kibbutz, just like in many other towns around the country, we have a 50+ Club. On Tuval, ours is called “Tvuna” or Wisdom. Nice name, right? So with that wisdom, we all made sure to don our masks and take a brief day trip to Akko.


The tour was led by our wonderful local tour guide - Avirama. Avirama explained to us that the entire city of Akko is a UNESCO world heritage site as it has preserved remains of both a Crusader city, and on top of that an Ottoman city. Because the entire city is a protected site, any time there is new construction they need to preserve all the ancient elements. So, we saw some beautiful new boutique hotels with ancient walls, arches, and even aqueducts integrated inside them! We watched how baklava and kadaif is made, and we had some fresh-squeezed cold pomegranate juice. 


We are looking forward to a return trip to Akko to check out the Treasures in the Wall Museum and revisit the amazing Halls of the Knights.



Photo credit for some of the pictures – Julian Harel


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