The Cowshed on Our Kibbutz

We have been living on Kibbutz Tuval for eight years and thus far, we hadn’t had the opportunity to visit our cowshed, although our son even worked there for his post military service job six years ago. To our delight, as part of the celebration of the Shavuot holiday, we received an invitation from the cultural committee of Tuval to have a guided tour led by the manager of the cowshed.

We arrived, met the very pleasant manager, and sat in the meeting room of the cowshed for a fascinating orientation. We then went on a tour of the entire site, saw the milking process, the cow nutrition center, and the various sheds, with loads of solar panels on their roofs to supply electricity and huge ceiling fans and a sprinkler system for cooling the cows on hot days. We even saw the cows’ food after the cows – uh – processed it. It was a truly engaging and fun tour. The pictures speak for themselves.

Although we personally do not consume meat, eggs, or milk and strongly oppose violence against animals we were happy to find that in Tuval they treat the cows humanely, caring for them in a kind and compassionate way (at least until their sad end).

Above is the only red cow in the whole kibbutz!

And the picture below is from our garden, here just to beautify the page with a different color ?

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