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Larry and Mindy לארי ומינדי

First of all, we love CDs. We know there is an enormous range of music out there you can listen to online or downloaded, but there is nothing quite like holding the original CD in your hand (kind of like books instead of Kindles, right, Larry??) with the words, the artwork, and the dedications and notes. The only thing that comes close, or even surpasses it, is holding the record album in your hand – but that’s a whole other story.

So what have we been listening to lately? Well, mostly things that are very calming – because we can all do with a dose of tranquility these days. And when we think of calm, some of the first artists we turn to are the amazingly talented James Taylor, and the mellow voiced Art Garfunkel.

The CD, “The Very Best of Art Garfunkel” has some classic hits of Simon and Garfunkel like Scarborough Fair, The Sound of Silence, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Homeward Bound – but all with Art’s personal solo touches. For instance in Homeward Bound, instead of “Tonight I’ll sing my songs again…” he sings “Tonight I’ll sing his songs again…” There are also other songs that have nothing to do with Paul Simon (gasp!), including a beautiful duet with James Taylor. (A song that was written by... Carole King!)

James Taylor has many, many gorgeous albums – some with songs that only true James Taylor aficionados know (enter Larry – stage left). One of the CD’s that we have been enjoying is “Hourglass.” James rocks the cover photo in his fedora, and he is joined on some of the songs by greats like Stevie Wonder on harmonica, and Sting and Shawn Colvin on vocals. James also plays the penny whistle on the song, Enough to Be on Your Way ?.

Another CD that (mostly) Mindy has been enjoying is a bit of a different genre, but lovely nonetheless - Barbra Streisand “Partners.” In this album of classics the legendary Ms. Streisand is joined by an incredible assortment of guest singers and musicians like Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, John Legend, Billy Joel (“Woo hoo!” yells Mindy from the sidelines ?), and many more.

AND if you really really need to chill, Larry has written and recorded some peaceful relaxation music that is free to download here. It is perfect for yoga sessions or when you really just need to sit back and breathe.

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