Larry and Mindy לארי ומינדי

Nahal Taninim is saline and the cleanest of Israel's coastal rivers. Shady, sparkling, with a fantastic flow, it contains 14 kinds of fish, sea turtles, toads, frogs, crabs and sea otters. Sea otters can only live in uncontaminated water, and on the Israeli coast are found only in Nahal Taninim. It was wonderful to spot the different birds from the lovely viewing points and paths in the park. There was also a multitude of delightful plants and flowers in many sizes, shapes, and colors.


We loved this park – it is an enjoyable mix between history and nature and is beautifully maintained. The name Crocodile Creek dates as far back as the Third Crusade, during which crocodiles devoured two knights who were bathing in the river. Yikes! The last recorded sighting of a crocodile was in 1912, but we opted to remain out of the water just in case there was one still lurking about waiting for delicious musicians! 


Aside from the wildlife, there is a Roman aqueduct as well as a beautiful and impressive stone dam built in the late Roman-Byzantine period that created an approximately 6,000 dunam lake. In the Byzantine era, local residents took advantage of the dam and abundance of water to operate over a dozen flour mills. There is even a vertical waterwheel from that early period. Rare in Israel because they require a great deal of water, the few vertical waterwheels so far uncovered in this country date back only to the Crusades. By the way, it is also actually possible - and safe - to wade through the aqueduct.


The Taninim River is the last naturally unpolluted river in the whole coastal area, and we found the site to be both engaging and relaxing. We highly recommend a visit.


Oh, and thank you Larry for the lovely birthday surprise! ??


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