Larry and Mindy לארי ומינדי

Wow. Now THIS was my kind of site.

I have long dreamed of owning a huge nature reserve, filled with native wildlife and plants. Ein Afek came pretty close to the place I have always imagined in my mind’s eye.

Larry had been there many years ago, but I never had. When he suggested that we visit, he said, “It isn’t far - it’s in the Krayot.” “In the Krayot??” I was thinking. “There is a nature reserve in the Krayot??” Imagine my surprise when we entered this beautiful, serene, wetland reserve. The rich waterscapes in the reserve include springs, tributaries, pools, a meadow, a swamp, and a section of a stream. And there are these amazing wooden paths that are directly in the water, and they feel like part of the landscape.

There were gorgeous birds and ducks there, plus different kinds of fish and water creatures, small mammals, and even a small herd of water buffalo.

There is also a flour mill, an audio-visual display, and a picnic area. Everything was very clean.

At the end of the visit, Larry asked me if I would want to return. “Return?” I said. “Are you kidding? I want to move in!

If you enjoy quiet nature, do yourselves a favor and visit this lovely park.

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