Even though we live a very healthy lifestyle food-wise and environment-wise, I (Mindy) found that I wasn’t doing enough for myself in the way of physical activity.  I love a good walk or hike, but sometimes I don’t feel like braving the rain and cold to go trekking outside. And seeing as we are acoustic, folk-style musicians, we are not hopping around on stage like Madonna and getting an aerobic workout. In my younger days I used to like to do weightlifting, but since multiple breaks to my wrist several years ago and accompanying surgery,  I have found it hard to get into a fitness routine that suits me. That is, until Larry introduced me to a yoga app called “Down Dog.”  

Larry has been exercising with this wonderful app for several years now, and knowing I am not a fan of organized, fitness classes with other people, he finally convinced me to try this app. I am loving this new habit in my life. The personalized workouts are completely flexible, full of variety and are utterly FUN. I am feeling stronger, and more resilient. And best of all – if you have an introverted/private personality like mine - you can do them in the privacy of your own home with no one else watching. And Larry even bought me a fun, squishy yoga mat.

The app costs only US$50 per YEAR – definitely a good and inexpensive investment. And it has a free version as well, so you can check it out indefinitely before purchasing. (The free version simply has less options.)

Healthy food and cooking – check! Pure, toxin-free environment – check! Fun physical activity – check!

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