Larry and Mindy לארי ומינדי

So this time not only did Larry and I go to visit a beautiful heritage site, we also took our doggie Ski with us.

At Baram National Park we admired the ruins of two synagogues – one of them was one of the most ornate and well-preserved ancient synagogues we have seen, with beautiful carvings of wreaths, grape vines, and winged figures.  Even Ski opened her eyes wide and looked around when we entered the ruin. There are also Aramaic inscriptions stating who constructed the building, and a statue of a lion that was most likely positioned near the Ark.

The site also hosts a Maronite church, used on holidays and for special events. The Maronite Christians resided in Baram until their evacuation during the War of Independence in 1948. There was indeed a service taking place while we were there, with many visitors.

During our visit, we were also privileged to meet a youth group of teenagers/young adults from Haifa who had volunteered to come and keep the site clean and plant additional flowers and bushes. One girl in particular was very friendly and approached us to chat and to pet Ski. She told us her name is Hiba, which means “gift” in Arabic. She is currently studying at the Technion and is planning to continue her studies in Germany. Her English was perfect with no trace of an accent. When we asked her where she learned her amazing English, she laughed and replied, the “Hannah Montana” cartoons on tv ?.

Worth a visit? We wouldn’t come up North especially just to see it, but if you are in the area - absolutely.

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