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We hope this NEVER happens to you!

But it did Happen Recently…


A few months ago, we got a phone call from a woman, crying her heart out. She said she was having a surprise birthday party for her husband that evening, that the band she had invited to perform said they couldn’t come because they forgot and had closed with someone else.


This would NEVER happen with us. Of course, we filled in and arrived at her house well before her husband returned from work, and the party was a big success.


Yesterday, she called to say that her friends are still complimenting her for the fantastic party, and that one of them will be calling us to perform for her party, too.


She said that they loved the repertoire – it brought back memories from high school for all of them, and that we did true renditions of all of their favorite songs.


Dear Larry and Mindy,
Your show last night was fabulous!  We know the entire audience agreed with our enthusiasm, which made every aspect of the show pure delight.
Thank you!
Bernie and Ellen


If you are planning a party and think that a performance of 60’s and 70’s (or 50’s?) music would be appropriate, why don’t you give us a call? We are very flexible on all matters, and will surely find a way to make your party…



(Please watch this short clip)

Larry and Mindy
Choose the artists that you love most from our extensive repertoire of 700 songs!
Larry and Mindy
Every one of our shows is individually tailored to the type of audience and event. It is possible to add songs from the 50's and 40's, traditional American folk songs, and Hebrew songs.
Larry and Mindy
Our shows are interspersed with delightful and entertaining background stories about the period and the songs.
Larry and Mindy
The performances are perfect for 50th, 60th, and 70th birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, reunions, second time weddings, house concerts, social clubs, fundraising events, and corporate events like launchings, holiday toasts, and parties for employees or guests from abroad.

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