Larry and Mindy לארי ומינדי

One of my favorite things to do is hike in our magnificent Galilee and Golan, and this time my son and I headed for the Ayun Stream Nature Reserve, near Metula. (Larry stayed home and played guitar – hey, someone in the family has to work, right? 😉)


Nahal Ayun is a beautiful gorge, and the whole Reserve is clean and well maintained. The major attraction in the gorge is the waterfalls – the Ayun waterfall, the Mill waterfall, the Cascades and the famous Tanur waterfall, all of which flow all year round. Two of the waterfalls are considered especially beautiful and impressive: the Mill – relatively broad and 21 meters high, alongside which are the remains of a flour mill that, in the past, was the only flour mill in the country under Jewish ownership; and the Tanur, 30 meters high, one of the highest waterfalls in Israel.


There is also an impressive observation point, from which the Tanur Falls can be seen, with a stunning  view of the Hills of Naftali and the Hula Valley.


The most fun part was the lovely wading pools at the entrance to the Reserve, where we sat in the shade, laughed, and ate our homemade picnic lunch while shimmery dragonflies darted up and down and little fish gathered around our feet.


Kum v’hit'halech ba’aretz…

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